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Would it Were So

Well, it looks like the entire city of Miami could have absentee voted for Hizzoner, and he wouldn’t have won.

Thanks be to the Lord that the voters of IA, NH, SC, WY, MI, NV, and FL are so much smarter than the rest of us.

They are, right?

Bye the bye, there were will a few post-mortem postings here, then this blog will be redesigned.  It will become “PA for Uncommitted”.  If everyone in PA who preferred Thompson, Giuliani, and probably Huckabee were to vote for Mr./Ms. Uncommitted, I’m sure s/he would win.

In the fullness of time I will explain to you why that is a good idea.


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Test Two for National Strategy: NH

Well, Team Rudy’s national strategy passed its second test last night.  McCain won, Huck disappointed, and Hizzoner avoided the awkwardness of having the eighth paragraph of NH primary coverage reading “Ron Paul finished strong in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, edging Giuliani…”

Avoiding early states and planting a flag in FL immediately before Tsunami Tuesday is looking less and less mad every day.

Still, despite this being about as wide-open a GOP primary as I am likely to see in my lifetime, there’s constant talk of candidates needing to drop out, perhaps even before Feb. 5, due to lack of funds.  Last night could have been a mortal blow to Romney.  Thompson is on fumes before his Southern base ever casts a vote.

And without a NH victory, there would have been talk about McCain needing to drop out after only 10% of Iowans and often intentionally mis-registered New Hampshire residents casting malicious ballots have had a chance to vote.  Now instead there’s talk of McCain being the frontrunner. 

I get to vote in April.

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