Chester County GOP Committee Meeting; Rudy, McCain, and Romney

There were some Mitt folks at the Chester County GOP endorsement meeting last night.  Some McCain folks as well.

Alas, there were no Rudy people.

I guess every single person on the campaign is currently getting a sunburned face in the Sunshine State.  Many polls have Hizzoner slipping there, but some still have him strong, including a recent Rassmussen poll.  

Also, early voting is huge in FL, not just for folks that are out of town, but for folks for whom a trip to a polling place is something of a chore.  When most of those votes were cast Hizzoner had a dominating lead in the polls.  Current polling does not take this into account.  Conventional wisdom seems to be that Rudy is in trouble.  It would be dishonest to say that is entirely untrue, but this pundit thinks that is an underestimation.

I chatted last night with my retiring State Rep. Carol Rubley.  She remembered I cared about moving up the primary, and pointed out that ours might matter after all.  I pointed out that this presidential race is as competitive as it gets, and the liklihood of our primary mattering is still miniscule.

As an aside, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any interest in supporting Guy Ciarrocchi [no web site yet] as he runs for her seat, or Admiral Steve Kantrowitz as he takes on Andy Dinniman.  Rubley and Dinniman, by the way, were both people with fairly casual views about how important it is for you to cast a presidential primary vote that matters.

The e-mail, again, is karlub at yahoo dot com.



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5 responses to “Chester County GOP Committee Meeting; Rudy, McCain, and Romney

  1. Bill Jones

    Rudy just don’t get it. Neither does McCain when it comes to IMMIGRATION. They want to talk about everything but it. Our borders are more important than the war, health care, etc. because without the secured borders all will fail.

  2. karlub

    Rudy, unlike McCain, has always been down with sucuring the borders, kicking out the criminals, and then putting existing illegals in line for legalization behind those who have gone about the process properly.

    NYC was a sanctuary city while he was mayor for two reasons:

    1) He needed ALL residents of New York involved in cleaning the place up. Crimes against illegals are still crimes. In a way, they’re worse, because people commit them thinking nobody would care.

    2) The Federal government was not willing to do one iota to help remove any illegals city agencies did turn up anyway.

  3. Thank God he lost.

    For my sake, my children’s sake, and America’s. He can now go back to exploiting 9/11 full-time.

  4. karlub


    Apparently the Almighty has plans for Hizzoner not involving the presidency in 2009.

    One thing, though: If you had actually been paying attention you would have realized Mayor Giuliani rarely invoked 9/11 throughout the totality of the campaign. Some weeks it came up more than others, but the theme of his campaign was mostly economic and law-and-order.

    Your accusation of 9/11 exploitation says more about you than him. It is, also, kind of exploitive, n’est-ce pas?

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cuttlefish.

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